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Non-Horror Shorts

Occasionally, I write something that doesn't fall into the "horror/thriller/supernatural" genre, either to a writing prompt as an exercise, or by request.

I'll post those here.

Just for the hell of it.

Because what else am I going to do with them, honestly?

Written by Moira Gillen

This site started out as a place to make my stories available to others, before I knew anyone else would be interested.

It now also serves as a link to not just my earliest works, here, and ideas for my in-progress novels here, but also as a way to purchase any of my stories that have since been published, which you can find under the Links tab.

(I welcome feedback. Please remember that everything posted here is, to one point or another, a work in progress.)

Written by Moira Gillen

About the Art

Image: 2016-11/314773-655258629813-252108921-n.jpg

The original artwork on this website is the copyrighted original creation of Arlove Gillen, aka Evolra.

Arlove enjoys working in a variety of both digital and traditional mediums, from Photoshop to painting with watercolor. Her subjects vary just as greatly, from whimsical to dark to fantastic, but all just as original and unique as the artist herself. As a child, the self-taught digital artist spent hours using a mouse to draw in MS Paint (fortunately there have been some advances in that area). On a larger scale, Arlove has helped to design and execute public murals around her home city, and was subsequently hired to paint private murals in several homes.

Though Arlove majored in Painting and Ceramics at Frostburg State University, with a minor in Art History, she also spends her time crafting, sewing, making cards, collages, and doing calligraphy, among other pursuits.

Check out a selection of her other work on DeviantArt

Browse her handmade originals for sale on Etsy

Contact her directly at

All other images were procured from a Google image search and labeled as available for reuse.

Written by Moira Gillen


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Written by Moira Gillen