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Novel-Length Works In Progress

Some of my longer projects, all being written, re-written, re-re-written...

The Witch Girls (Working Title)

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When twin sisters Claire and Chloe arrive to clean out the old family farmhouse their Great Aunt Mabel left Claire in her will, they may have inherited more than they're prepared for.

Written by Moira Gillen

Edgewood: A Ghost Story

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Tales of slaughtered children, an insane murderess, and ghostly cries in the night are kept alive by the older citizens of the small English town of Brandeston, but Nora Taylor is starting to suspect that the haunting truth of Edgewood’s past might be more disturbing than any local ghost story.

My story, “Edgewood,” is a ghost story, a work of speculative fiction about two women from different times bound together by parallel tragedies and the heavy burden of guilt.

I’ve been chewing it over in my head for nearly a decade, if not more, and 5 years ago, I put it down and hadn’t picked it back up since.  It’s time.  I’m restructuring, changing some elements, and putting it through a complete overhaul.  Rewriting one character completely, and just trimming the fat, so to speak.  It was, when first complete, at over 104,000 words; I’ve already cut 10,000 of them. I’d like to get it down to somewhere around 80,000 words.


Written by Moira Gillen

Written by Moira Gillen

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